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Get involved

Campaign Aims

We want to take ACTION ON CANCER and we hope you do too!

We can take action by keeping healthy.

Did you know that nearly half of all cancers could be prevented if we all lived healthier lives?

We can take action by looking out for the early signs of cancer.

Treating cancer earlier saves lives!

We can take action by attending cancer screening appointments.

Click here to find out about bowel, breast and cervical screening.

Clinicians and scientists are taking action by discovering more about the causes of cancer and how to treat it.

We have a major cancer research centre in our region supported by Cancer Research UK.

Patients and their families are taking action by sharing their experiences and supporting other patients.

There are also hundreds of volunteers who are all taking action in many different ways.

Many patients work alongside our clinicians to help improve services.

Your local NHS is taking action by investing in quality cancer services.

And we have big ambitions to make them even better.

We want to celebrate the positive things that are happening across Merseyside and Cheshire to prevent, treat and cure cancer. 

However, cancer is still the biggest cause of death in Merseyside and Cheshire and more people die in our region from cancer than anywhere else in England. That’s why it’s so important that we take ACTION ON CANCER.

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