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Dr. Nicola Thorp

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicky Thorp. I’m currently a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and this means I treat patients with cancer using radiotherapy and chemotherapy. My specialist fields are breast cancer and paediatric radiotherapy.

I’m also the Associate Medical Director at the hospital which means I am responsible for ensuring that our consultants work in an environment which allows them to provide the best care possible to our patients. I am also clinical lead for the Transforming Cancer Care project.

I was born in Shrewsbury before moving to Buckinghamshire when I was four years old. At the age of eight I moved to Birmingham which is where I lived until I moved away to university. My first regular paid employment was in McDonald’s. Although I hated it, it taught me lot and it’s made me detest the sight of a Big Mac ever since.

As a teenager, my ambition was to become a vet (too many James Herriot books I think), but my history teacher felt that I would better suit a career as a doctor. I took her advice and studied medicine at Leicester University and it was during my time as a medical student that I became fascinated by cancer medicine. My first job after graduation was as Urology House Officer which confirmed my belief that surgery was not for me and so I trained in general medicine and oncology before progressing in to my current position.

I love my job – the best bit is of course seeing patients. It is a great privilege to be in a position where one can lessen the devastating blow of a cancer diagnosis.

My spare time is mainly taken up with my family - I’ve got three children so they tend to keep me busy. I love fell walking – it allows me to clear my head of the noise of everyday life. I’m a trustee for National Museums Liverpool and one of my life’s most surreal and interesting moments was at the opening of the Museum of Liverpool last year, when I was the landed with the task of introducing Yoko Ono Lennon to the Queen.

If I had to choose another career, I think I’d be a weather girl on TV. They seem to lead a fairly stress free existence while making a useful contribution to our lives!

Action on Cancer is a welcome addition to the fight against the disease, we’re always working towards new life changing developments for our patients so cancer shouldn’t be seen as the killer it once was.

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