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Dr. Phil Bliss

Hi, I’m Phil Bliss, a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Clinical Director of Merseyside and North Cheshire Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. A rather complicated job title, I know, but basically, I’m responsible for leading the NHS’s Bowel Cancer Screening Programme which aims to spot bowel cancer at an early stage (when people might not be experiencing any symptoms at all) and when treatment is more likely to be effective.

I work with a team at Aintree Hospital and The Royal Liverpool which was the third centre in the country to start screening (in September 2006) and is one of the largest. My role is vital as regular bowel cancer screening has been shown to reduce the risk of dying from bowel cancer by 16 per cent.

I’m a local lad, I grew up in West Derby in Liverpool and was enticed into the world of medicine due to my fascination with how the human body works and a desire for a job that would never be boring. So far I’ve not been disappointed!

I’ve always worked in hospitals around Merseyside and Cheshire, even my first junior doctor jobs were based in Liverpool. My first consultant post was in Wigan and I moved to my current location of Aintree Hospital in April 2009.

Outside work, I’m an ardent Liverpool FC fan having been a season ticket holder since 1989. I see myself as a keen sportsman and take part in several marathons and triathlons a year, I also like to describe myself as a part time ‘Masterchef’.

If I hadn’t gone into the medical profession I think I would have made a great Elvis impersonator.

Action on Cancer is a great way to get people talking about the disease, the most important thing for me within the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme is awareness as people don’t always experience symptoms until the later stages. We welcome anyone through the door so if anyone has any doubts I’d urge them to come and see us.

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