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Eleri Phillips

Hi! I’m Eleri, a uro-oncology clinical nurse specialist at Whiston and St. Helen’s hospitals. I work as part of a four-strong team and my job involves providing support and information to urology patients, who have been diagnosed with or have suspected urological cancers which include prostate cancer, testicular cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer.

I always dreamed of being a nurse and grew up not too far away in North Wales where I worked in a bakery shop for a year before starting my nurse training in North Manchester. I also spent two years working as a nurse across the pond in Boston, USA. After returning back to the UK, I worked on a ward caring for urology patients which is where my interest in the area developed, so much so that I ended up studying for a degree in urological cancer and nursing.

Once I finished my degree, I felt like there was more to learn so I went on to do an MSc which included doing my own research study into how men with prostate cancer look for information and treatment on the internet. The highlight of my career to date has been jointly setting up the uro-oncology nursing service at Warrington and Halton hospitals.

Throughout my career I have seen firsthand how treatment options and services have continued to improve in the region. Many patients who have been diagnosed with the early stages of kidney cancer for example, are suitable for laprascopic key hole surgery now which is less invasive and means their recovery time is much quicker and they don’t have to stay in hospital as long. This is one treatment option which is becoming more widely available.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me enjoying a Zumba class, I also enjoy cycling and running!

Action on Cancer is a great way to get people talking about cancer and erase some of the stereotypes surrounding the disease. One of the big focuses within my department is keyhole surgery, a much less invasive treatment which is proving extremely successful – just one of the many advancements in the fight against cancer.

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