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Meet the patients

Here you can find inspiring accounts from cancer patients and carers about their journeys and experiences of living with cancer.

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Meet Barry

Hi, I’m Barry and I was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in 2010. I thought I was one of a kind as I’d never even heard of this type of cancer before but apparently it’s the 9th most common cancer in the UK, and unluckily for me, it’s more common in men.

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Meet Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa and I was diagnosed with endometrial (womb) cancer in January 2012. It was only by chance that I was diagnosed as my daughter was due to have her first ever smear test and she was really nervous, so for some moral support, I booked mine in at the same time, even though it wasn’t due for a few more months.

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Meet Dennis

Hi, I’m Dennis. I’m not telling you my age but I was 61 when I diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in 2007, so you do the maths. I fell ill and was jaundiced (went yellow) whilst on holiday in Spain. I was a little concerned so I went to see my GP when I got home. After a number of diagnostic tests, my GP informed me that I had cancer of the pancreas, it was devastating news but I tried to stay strong and chose to be treated at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

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Meet Gillian

Hi, I’m Gillian and I was diagnosed with cancer in my left eye in January this year. My symptoms started in December when I was Christmas shopping in London, I couldn’t focus very well but I just blamed it on tiredness, my age and I thought that my glasses prescription may have changed and needed replacing.

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Meet Robert

In Feb 2003 after finding a lump in my left thigh and undergoing much prodding and poking I was diagnosed as having a very rare muscle tissue cancer called Leiomyosarcoma.

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Meet David

Hi, I’m David and I was 74 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I couldn’t really believe it at first as I thought men having breast cancer was almost unheard of, but numerous tests revealed otherwise. I was extremely lucky with my diagnosis as I was in hospital having kidney stones removed at the time, my urologist did a routine chest x-ray which showed something was wrong so I was immediately sent for further tests.

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