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Cancer patients given boost on the road to recovery

The OnTrack project began as an exciting collaboration between The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and Greenbank Sports Academy (the North West’s leading sports facility for parasport). The collaboration aims to bring together rehabilitation and links to sport, educational and vocational activities. OnTrack supports patients to:

  • Re-engage in activities which they enjoyed prior to their cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Achieve educational standards which may have been missed through treatment and disease.
  • Gain, return to or maintain employment with employers who have an understanding of the challenges the individual might face.

The project has developed with the aim to assist all patients living with and after cancer with access to services and support. In order to achieve this we have begun to build referral and patient pathways to make it easier for patients and their carers to find out about what is available in their areas as well as defining clear access to them. This partnership working has linked The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to Merseyside, Cheshire, East Lancashire, North Wales and Isle of Man services across health, social care, government and voluntary sectors with one aim to help improve the lives of people affected by cancer. The external organisations have all been interested in the needs of cancer patients and how their services can help as well as demonstrating a willingness to learn more. The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is therefore also providing training about cancer and its treatments and the common issues people may face to help this process further.

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