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The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre's new £1m MRI scanner

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre accepted delivery of the magnet component of its new £1m MRI scanner on Saturday 1 June.

It was delivered via a 350 tonne crane and lowered in through the roof of the centre. The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre was one of the first to install an MR scanner back in 1992, which was replaced with a modern machine in 2002 with a higher magnetic field strength and more functionality.


Over the years, the value of using MR images for radiotherapy planning purposes has been recognised and the number of MR planning scans carried out at the Trust has increased significantly to between five and ten per week. The Trust expects to build up to twice this number over the next year.


As a result the Trust has purchased a new £1 million scanner that will use the very latest innovations in MR imaging, providing superb high resolution images and the ability to support new scanning techniques. The new scanner is housed alongside the current one, and building work is well under way.

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