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Wirral cancer patients share 'dreams' for future of care in art exhibit

Artwork by patients and staff from Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, depicting their hopes and dreams for the future of cancer care in Merseyside, features in a new exhibition from 28th August.

Produced as part of National Museums Liverpool's I Have A Dream project, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech, the artwork will be exhibited at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.

After the exhibition, it will be taken on tour to help educate residents across the region about the proposal to build a new cancer centre in the heart of Liverpool.

Andrew Cannell, chief executive of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, said: "The Trust is currently exploring an exciting proposal to build a new centre, next to the redeveloped Royal Liverpool Hospital.

"The new centre will provide a wide range of first class cancer services and unprecedented benefits to patients, giving them immediate access to a wider range of specialist care, as well as general medical expertise on site, should it be required.

"The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre’s Wirral and Aintree sites will also be retained to provide a range of outpatient services."

The artwork was created by patients and staff from The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, with the help of local community artist, Vinnie Cleghorne.

Vinnie has been involved in community art for 24 years and helped to shape the ‘I Have a Dream’ concept at bespoke workshops at the centre.

Laura Elder, lead nurse at the Teenage and Young Adult Unit at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, worked with Vinnie to create her piece of artwork for the exhibition.

She said: "Being part of this special exhibition was a great opportunity for us to take some time to think about cancer care and what we'd like to see developed in the future for our patients.

"All of our patients have such differing needs and hopes for the future, so it was great to give them a chance to voice their opinions in a creative way.

"The new cancer centre is an exciting prospect for our patients, as they’ll have access to a much wider range of care, expertise and specialist support on the same site.

"It was great to introduce current patients to the concept of the new centre."


Via Wirral Globe

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